Monday, May 31, 2010

J's Chimes: Otaku Writes Story For Romance Animes

    This is something that intrigues me a lot and had been thinking it ever since I've read the article about it on Sankaku Complex. The question here is, 'how can an otaku who has no love experience be writing a storyline for romance animes in which we watch these days?' Come to think of it, otakus are despise for loving their 2D counterparts more and thus leading to many Japanese females to stay away from them... This is especially so too in Singapore in the age whereby anime is also quite condemned by people aging from 24 and above who doesn't know much about them.

    A writer expresses his opinion that otaku cannot write romances as they are sad and lonely creatures with no experience. He also pointed out that otakus should get into real relationships rather than their 2D girlfriends. Though those in 2D are all ideal partners, the writer thinks that such are unrealistic and claims that they can't write anything new without these experiences.
    Such has led to many netizens to discuss and backfire him for his unimpressive speech.

    Though it does sound logical that Otakus can't possibly write romance, here;s what netizens have a say about such:

    - "If you know the real thing you can’t make games and the like.”
    - “He’s underestimating the imaginative power of virgins.”
    - “I suppose you can’t make an RPG if you haven’t been an adventurer.”
    - “A commoner has no qualifications to talk about otaku.”
    - “So Konami must employ world class lovers…”
    - “A product intended for virgins might as well be made by virgins.”

    In my perspective, I'd believe that it's not really about what kind of person you are. Rather, it is about how creative and imaginative you are to be able to write a storyline that eventually captures the hearts of the audiences and become popular, just like the mangas Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or Full Metal Alchemist. The fact that Otakus do not have the experience to write a romance story is true. However this brings about things which you'd least expected in animes alike and are fantasies of what every guys or gals would like to have to be in love and doing things rarely thought of or being done in reality. Thus it brings to the point that such are considered remarkable as not many common people are able to think things out of the box that way. Well, many people have different perspectives of things around us so maybe you too have a different view of things too about such...Source URL:
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

J's Chimes: We Want To Love Too...

    Attended my friend's wedding dinner last Saturday and I must say that this has been the second wedding dinner I've been to in my life and had learn a couple of things about life from it. Unlike anime that we see and feel, sometimes reality is kinda harsh and hits back on you pretty hard as you struggle hard to pursue your path ahead of you and finding someone who loves you the way you are. This is especially so for geeks like us who loves anime and stuff which some may despise and condemning it. The fact is that we are all still humans and we do love too. Such are especially so upon watching much of love and romance animes that made your heart skip and hoping the best in life.

    While such are only fantasies, such animes give us hope, the emotions and the feelings never before felt by people who do not have a girlfriend before. And these are some of the uniqueness that draws me to anime more than soap operas or real life drama series. It's especially so because animes have a special something that attracts people and expressions that easily tell what they are feeling. What ever the case, animes brought about hope for ronery people. But of course not to the extend of marrying it but rather as a companion to keep you entertained.

    Last but not least, I believe people should watch a couple of animes to understand what it actually is about instead of avoiding it like a plague it is... Thankfully, the younger generations are picking up this trend and the anime industry in Singapore is definitely growing. Was hoping to find someone who loves and will accept this hobby... Animation bonds people together, much so to fans of similar interest. Only then will we be able to cherish each other not in a world of fiction, but in reality and living life to the fullest.Source URL:
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Fiat Palio Fire presents Economy in 2011

    Fiat Palio Fire presents Economy
    The Palio Fire Economy will likely suffer more with the arrival of the New Uno than competitors. So Moved Fiat model to rearrange it indoors. The line in 2011 won the hatch and had slight visual touches your list of equipment increased. Price: from R $ 26,570 in two-door version, and R $ 28,330 in four-door body - around 1% over the 2010 model.

    Visually, there are new front grille, new wheel covers and wheels and lights dimmed, while inside the client will find different coating banks and door panels. A list of equipment was also changed. All Palio Fire Economy now comes standard with power steering. Among the options, the new kit is the 11th Celebration. For U.S. $ 3170, the consumer takes air conditioning and electric front windows and locks.Source URL:
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Mini confirms production of the Beachcomber

    Unveiled at Detroit in January, the Mini Beachcomber enter into production. The CEO of British manufacturer, Wolfgang Armbrecht, said the public was so receptive to the model that there remained no choice but to make it. However, his arrival in the markets where it operates the Mini still has no date.

    With doors, roof and trunk lid removable, the Beachcomber is inspired by the Moke, Jeep manufactured by the company in the 60s. His suspension is high and the tires are designed for rough terrain. The Mini has not yet confirmed, but the new crossover should use same 1.6 engine turbo 175 hp Cooper S.Source URL:
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Infiniti: Next G and M will be based on the Mercedes E-Class

    Carlos Ghosn continues its market for Mercedes and the organ bank of the manufacturer of Stuttgart. The new Franco-German alliance will impact on future Infiniti since according to the Japanese magazine Best Car, the next generation Infiniti G and M will enjoy the excellent platform of the Mercedes E Class.Source URL:
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Dodge Grand Caravan: The game of cat and mouse (video)

    You all remember the excellent "Swagger Wagon" of Toyota I presented a few weeks ago. Well if it is an area where very often the American people have a good minivan ahead of us is the com and advertising done well, well filmed, well mounted and away from the damn ads Kinder Bueno Tour Package Olympique Lyonnais Orange 15 € or the 1754th version of the Calgon commercials. ... And when it's done for the car, it matters!

    Source URL:
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Ducati 6098 R concept , the first attempt by Daniel Garcia

    Ducati 6098 R concept photos
    Obviously, the Italian manufacturer of two-wheelers had no part in this study made the bold styling of last year and passed relatively unnoticed. This mid-engined berlinetta, powered by a V12 in the imagination of its author extrapolates his conception of the universe of the bike and the same features sharp production Ducati.

    The panoramic windscreen is supposed to recall the visor of a helmet, and the grille is inspired by the muzzle of the two-wheeled Italian. When the mysterious name given to the craft, it corresponds to the displacement of the V12 if it were to come to life (6.1 liters).

    Designer holds a master's degree in transportation design at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Daniel Garcia signed his first car design study with Ducati 6098 R

    Ducati 6098 R concept pics
    Ducati 6098 R concept picturesSource URL:
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Audi A8L, long version details and video

    Audi A8L
    A world premiere on the Chinese market, it is not innocent. The additional 13 cm of the A8L primarily aimed at captains of industry of the Middle Kingdom. 5,26 m long, which are home to present a new version of the W12, the displacement increased to 6.3 liters and now receiving direct injection. Power is increased from 450 to 500 hp with a consumption reduced to 12 l/100 km. For a juggernaut capable of accelerating from 0-100 kph in 4.9 seconds, the ad is honorable. Note that other V8 range conventional A8 will be available late 2010.

    For customers, it is especially habitability back up that count, which can receive individual seats fully electric, ventilated, with footrests. But above all, comfort "Business Class" held at unprecedented technological background on a production Audi, two LCD screens integrated into the rear seats, navigation based on Google Maps, touch input from stylus destination interfaces iPad and wireless connectivity to all- going ...

    The Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series, up to a bit above the A8 on the niche of limousines, seem suddenly back slightly. On the road, it remains to be verified. The dynamic progress of the 7 Series are real, and the S-Class always shines through a level of comfort that references for nearly three decades. The eternal debate within the top three is restarted.Source URL:
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New photos of Nissan Juke

2012 Next Generation Honda Civic spy pictures

    Honda Civic new pics 2012
    Released the next-generation Honda Civic is not yet known, but the Japanese company has already lit up with a prototype of this model.

    Despite rumors that the Honda Civic 2012 should be lighter and smaller compared with the current version, seen a prototype installed contrary to the wider tires, which at least suggests that the size of the next generation will be no less than the existing one.

    According to rumors the new Honda Civic will use the new four-cylinder and turbocharged engines, with facilities, located in the range of 80 to 140 hp Hybrid 1.3-liter version of the i-VTEC is also expected.

    Honda has already announced that the new car will be more efficient than the current model, in terms of fuel consumption.

    "We pay a lot of time with their new development, they include and the Honda Civic. By all the cars are presented with new demands, both in terms of security, both in terms of efficiency. We will achieve the goals" - the company says.

    However, expect a formal presentation of the next-generation Honda Civic this year is not necessary, the most likely date can be called the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012.

    Honda Civic 2012
    Honda Civic 2012 Spy pics
    2012 civicSource URL:
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Cars Bogdan got a new logo

    Bogdan new logo
    The new mark is the letter "B" in fulfillment of a sailing ship with full sails, which indicates a favorable wind, success and success in all undertakings, is a symbol of enduring hope. Sailing is inscribed in an ellipse - a symbol of stability. The new logo uses two colors: silver and green. Silver color - the symbol of perfection, and green - growth and renewal.Source URL:
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Black & White Editions for Mini One Clubman [photos]

    Black & White Editions for Mini One Clubman
    Black & White Editions for Mini One Clubman
    Black & White Editions for Mini One Clubman
    Black & White Editions for Mini One Clubman
    Black & White Editions for Mini One Clubman
    The Black & White packages are available for the Mini One Clubman. In both cases, the price is 22.999 euro. The more equipment exists in the case of the White Viper from matt white striping in Pepper White exported C-pillars, electrically operated panoramic schuif-/kantelbaar, 17-inch black alloy wheels "Crown Spoke, chrome exhaust and supply without any type.
    In the package included Matte Black Viper stripes, in Midnight Black exported C-pillars, an electrically operated panoramic schuif-/kantelbaar, 17-inch black alloy wheels Crown Spoke. a chrome exhaust pipe and supply without any type. The Midnight Black metallic paint, the picture is not included and has a premium of 553.39 euros.Source URL:
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Bugatti has electric prototype

    Bugatti has electric prototype
    Our colleagues at the British Auto Express tumbling that in a Bugatti prototype was built with electric motors. The car was the chassis of the Bentley Continental stand. The car is equipped with two motors which together deliver 800 hp and a torque of 2,200 Nm.
    It is still unclear whether the car ever shown to the public. The source of Auto Express is able to report that the prototype accelerates faster than 'every other car on the road. " The big problem is that when full power is used, the car just a few minutes on one battery charge can drive.
    The prototype is not the first electric Bugatti. In the 30s there was already the Type 56. Ettore who used to take to drive to his factory. Then a few copies are still delivered to customers.Source URL:
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Render: Skoda four door coupe

    Render: Skoda four-door coupe
    Render: Skoda four-door coupe
    Render: Skoda four-door coupe
    The Czechs are quite proud that Skoda revives during the last decades. Superb with a new topberline put down to a reasonable price. The image of the Audi A5 Sportback and VW Passat CC has a Czech lover, Pavel Hrubiy, has the same incentive to sign fastback based on the Superb. Our budget seems logical that a brand is not engaged in niche models, but the Czechs are there apparently waiting.Source URL:
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Opel Vivaro improved engines and comfort

    Opel Vivaro
    Opel Vivaro sends the targeted improvements in engines and in the interior in the new model year 2011. The drive versions 2.0 CDTI with 66 kW / 90 PS and 84 kW / 114 hp are now available with diesel particulate filters and fuel consumption are available. Depending on the model and design, it is between 7.5 liters and 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers. The consumption Ecoflex versions are 7.4 liters. The service intervals for the DPF-motors including the extended 2.5 CDTI with 107 kW / 146 PS to 40 000 km.Source URL:
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Nissan Juke price from 16 990 €

    Nissan Juke
    The Nissan Juke can from 11 June 2010 be ordered by the merchants. A short time later, interested customers can also register on the official website The request is then forwarded by the Nissan customer service. he first deliveries to customers in October. Prices start at € 16 990 for the base version Visia 1.6-liter gasoline engine. The next Acenta and Tekna versions cost 18 390 € 19 890 € respectively.Source URL:
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Renault Clio Gordini R.S. from € 25 300 Available

    Renault Clio Gordini R.S.
    The Twingo comes after in June 2010, the Renault Clio RS Gordini as a second model of the new sports line of Renault on the market. The available exclusively in the metallic paint "Gordini-blue" car is driven by 148 kW / 201 hp 2.0-Lizter engine of the Clio Sport. The four-cylinder engine reaches its maximum torque of 215 Nm at 5400 rpm and accelerates in 6.9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The top speed is 224 km / h.Source URL:
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Lancia Delta: special series ST Dupont

    Lancia Delta: special series ST Dupont
    With the renewal of its partnership with luxury brand ST Dupont, Lancia reissued a special series based on the Delta.Disponible with all engine variants, the ST Dupont differentiates Delta from its interior beige leather and Alcantara.

    Taking the versions Platino equipment, it adds a travel bag "Challenge 24H" (worth 650 €). STDupont The Delta is available from € 24,000 with the petrol engine 1.4 T-Jet 120 bhp and from € 27,000 with the diesel 1.6 Multijet 16v 120 bhp.Source URL:
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Volkswagen iPad application

    Volkswagen iPad application
    Volkswagen iPad application
    Volkswagen iPad application
    Volkswagen iPad application
    The iPad is the trendy new gadget from Apple that knows a big success. Volkswagen could not ignore this (relatively) new way of communication, though the iPhone had already cleared the ground, and present its application on the shelf at the Apple.

    This application is not really one since it is rather an electronic magazine that Volkswagen calls DAS (Digital Automotive Space). Appearing quarterly, the magazine of a new genus is available in five languages.

    Luca De Meo, Fiat's former home and now the German carmaker, said: "DAS is an important element in our strategy of digital development. Our goal is to transmit the fascination around the brand by taking advantage of this innovative digital dimension. "Source URL:
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Turkey F1 : Video Formula 1, the crash of Red Bull

Saturday, May 29, 2010

J's Chimes: The Shocking Truth About Animators

    A shocking truth is being revealed to the public when research is done to find out just exactly how much Japanese animators are paid for their hard work. Animators are paid slave wages for drawing the animations, characters and tracing for a mere 200 yen per hour for 1 pathetic piece. It is been said that even a burger flipper working in Mcdonald's gets at least an hourly wage of 1000yen. Such comparison shows that even an unskilled job like that beats being a skilled animator that draws wonderful animes we see on tv.

    With the plight of these poorly paid animators, their woes are even greatly increased as more of these animations are being outsource to other countries to finish the work with cheaper production costs and twice as fast. Such brings to the point that animations will be slowly diminishing in Japan, which could bring about the collapse of anime in futures to come which originated from Japan.

    The average annual salary for animators and such are as stated below:

    Animator (Animation) = 1,050,000yen = SGD$16,228 per year
    Animator (Illustration) = 2,300,000yen = SGD$35,547 per year
    Artists = 2,320,000yen = SGD$35,856 per year
    Performers = 3,330,000yen = SGD$51,466 per year
    Directors = 4,950,000yen = SGD$76,504 per year

    With figures like this, its no wonder animators are often struggling with their lifestyle. A mere $1300 per month is not even enough to survive in Singapore, let alone Japan. With many wants and needs, desires and attractions, such contributed to the low birth rates in Japan and with such meager salary, one could only wonder how to get on with life resisting many temptations. Hopefully such are being reviewed and changed so that animators are appreciated for their job as they did it out of passion instead of the money, which we should really salute them for all their hard work...Source URL:
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Friday, May 28, 2010

New Kia Soul : Soul Edition 001 Irmscher

    The Kia Soul is now available in the variant "Irmscher Edition 001". The model was developed with the same tuner and comes with a host of extras. These include leather upholstery with stitching in contrasting color, as well as seat heating for driver and front passenger. The center sections with diamond quilting pattern can either be ordered in "Dark Graphite" or red leather, while the cheeks are kept in a black carbon fiber leather-look. Black carbon leather can also be found at the Cockpithutze, the steering wheel rim and the shift sleeve. The shift knob is covered with black leather.

    If desired, there's a black roof
    Optionally available for the special model one exterior package. In the roof, the exterior mirror caps and the tops of front and rear bumpers are painted black. There are also stainless steel scuff plates, the text "Edition 001" rear and sides and a Irmscher logo on the back. Also available is an optional wheel set in black with 18-inch rims and size 225-low profile tires.

    When Kia Dealers Stuff
    The Kia Soul "Irmscher Edition 001 is" in all engines and equipment and ordered versions available on Kia dealer. There, the prices for the options are requested.Source URL:
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