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Toyota Prius 2009 Picture

Henry Ford

Great Wall Wingle CL the great pick up for the American assault

    In the past, Shanghai Auto Show, officially the Great Wall Wingle CL, a large pickup truck that should serve the mark to make the leap to the U.S. market with some potential.

    With a length of 5.35 meters, has a wheelbase of 3.35 meters and a box with large capacity, and that despite being a double cabin with plenty of room for five passengers (overall width of 1.88 meters) . By now we know that under the hood will have two engines, a 2.0i Turbo with 200 hp and 310 Nm of torque, and a 150 hp diesel with 324 Nm. Anyway, Great Wall is working on a 3.0 V6 diesel engine-power, but will not be ready until later this year.

    The new CL Wingle includes ESP, eight airbags, climate control, leather upholstery and parking sensors in higher-end versions. There is no date for the start of production or prices, but it certainly seems a good candidate to jump into new markets.Source URL:
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A new record for the Peugeot EX1 9'01''338 at the Nurburgring

    The concept Peugeot EX1, unveiled just days before the last Paris continues its harvest of records.

    After France (Montlhéry) then China, Germany, which hosted the EX1 and more particularly the Nürburgring.

    For the first time in its history, Peugeot tried Wednesday to break a record on the line of the Nordschleife. Stéphane Caillet, technical direction Peugeot Citroen, has covered the 20.832 km circuit and broke the speed record on a power tower.

    The EX1 has completed one lap in 9'01''338 with an average speed of 138.324 km / h, in adverse weather conditions.

    The previous speed record on this electric circuit was made ​​in 2010 9'51''450 seconds.

    The record made ​​by the EX1 concept was formalized by the WIGE Performance, the official timing of the circuit of the Nordschleife.Source URL:
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First pictures of New Generation VW Golf VII interior

    Autoexpress published spy photos of the new VW Golf. British claim to have shot the car during the test, indicating that the vehicle was a mule for the upcoming model, with exterior identical to the Golf Mk VI, and completely new interior.

    "Stalk mule, but when we approached we saw that the interior is different," says avtopaparatsite.

    As shown in the photos, the new seventh-generation Golf will get a new instrument on the dashboard and a new center console.

    Speedometer and tachometer are abandoned circular gauges fuel level and coolant temperature, emphasizing new, integrated as an extension of divisions, respectively, for speed and rpm.

    Values ​​will no longer be displayed by an arrow and, LED indicators, such as innovation aims primarily to save space for larger display between the two major appliance, according to the information.

    It becomes clear that the new board will be used in all versions of the Golf Mk VII - hatchback, wagon, convertible and Golf Plus.Source URL:
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Video: chromed Chevrolet Camaro SS

    Chromed cars, must the past 10 years but now I feel terribly overkills. The Czechs of Tintek, after the gold GT-R, dressed with a chromed adhesive vinyl Chevrolet Camaro SS. Maybe the other colors are available (black, gold, green, blue, orange, red and purple) is beautiful, but simple chrome I think that now is must.

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Superb Aston Martin DB6 Volante Prince William video

Rapper Birdman Maybach Exelero - bought for 8 million dollars

    The founder of the record Cash Money Records, the famous rapper Birdman aka Bryan Williams is known collector car it already owns a Maybach Landaulet and a red Bugatti Veyron. It appears that this was not enough and so I bought the only Maybach Exelero available.

    The announced himself through twitter, but will not let this black, but the paint and is red.

    Let me remind you that the car was presented as a prototype in 2005 and once a V12 biturbo engine performance 700 horsepower 1.020 Nm of torque. The 0-100 km / h makes to 4.4 seconds with a top speed touching 351 km / h

    According to Forbes, the Birdman in January 2011 had assets of over 100 million dollars, which makes it the fourth richest rapper, after Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre.Source URL:
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Video: A Ford Mustang cabrio comes alive through the tornado

    Has seen and read the devastation caused by tornadoes in Alabama of America. So far 204 people have lost their lives in the city of Tuscaloosa is one found at the center and have hit more.

    A Ford Mustang Cabrio, which was in the midst of the fan seems to work normally, although outside is completely damaged. The 15-year Mustang "went" live by the natural disaster with the owner to drive it properly.

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safira de wit - miss universe 2010 curacao

    Safira de Wit (born c. 1989) is a beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Curaçao, the official representative of the Dutch constituent country to the 2010 Miss Universe pageant.

    De Wit, who stands 1.81 m (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in), competed as one of 9 finalists in Miss Universe Curaçao 2010, held in Willemstad on November 21, 2009, where she obtained the Miss Press and Miss Beautiful Body & Face awards, eventually winning the crown and the right to represent the Dutch constituent country in Miss Universe 2010.

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Peugeot EX1 is the fastest electric vehicle in the Green Hell

    Peugeot EX1

    Peugeot EX1

    Peugeot EX1

    Peugeot EX1

    Peugeot EX1

    Peugeot EX1
    Peugeot broadens its expertise in the development of alternative drive systems: on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, the French manufacturer unveiled the EX1 with a new lap record for electric vehicles. 9:01,338 in minutes rounded to the Roadster the 20.8-kilometer route.

    The Peugeot EX1 is driven by two electric motors at the front and rear axle. Together they provide 250 kW (340 hp) and have a maximum torque of 480 Newton meters. The current provides a lithium-ion battery. To keep the wheel drive vehicle as light as possible, used Peugeot carbon parts for the body. The chassis was taken from the racing.

    The EX1 has already established several world records for Peugeot. In an acceleration record put the open two-seater back 500 meters in 16.81 seconds, the 1,000-meter mark he broke in 28.16 seconds. When Nordschleife lap record for the French record, there were pilots, however, Stéphane Caillet a flying start. It remains to be seen what the world record Peugeot chooses the next target.Source URL:
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Friday, April 29, 2011

This Was Henry Ford's First

Super Junior To Release Japanese Version of "Bonamana"

    Super Junior akan merilis versi Jepang dari hit single mereka 'Bonamana' pada 18 Mei (digital), 8 Juni (CD). Versi baru ini diberi judul 'Bijin' dan akan menjadi theme song untuk CM toko Jepang.

    Dimulai tanggal 17 Mei, CM toko Jepang 'Circle K Sunkus', featuring Super Junior dan lagu baru mereka 'Bijin', akan on air.

    Satu hari setelahnya, yaitu 18 Mei, lagu tersebut sudah bisa di download, menjadikannya Japanese digital single Super Junior yang pertama. Terakhir, CD'nya akan dirilis pada 8 Juni.

    'Bijin' adalah versi Jepang dari lagu hit Korea mereka 'Bonamana', yang berarti 'beauty' dalam kedua bahasa tersebut.

    Di CM nanti, mereka akan mempromosikan makanan Korea seperti onigiri dengan bulgogi, tuna kimchi mayo dan yang lainnya, akan tersedia di toko-toko 'Circle K Sunkus' dari tanggal 17 Mei sampai 13 Juni.


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    source: jpopasia
    indotrans: Nia@VKSource URL:
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2011 Dream Concert Lineup Revealed!

    Telah diumumkan di official twitter 2011 Dream Concert bahwa akan ada beberapa grup K-Pop ternama yang akan menghadiri event ini.

    "2011드림콘서트가.올해 가장 빛났던 별들과 함께 감미롭고 파워풀하게 때론 아름답게 반짝거리는. 많은 기대 부탁드립니다!^^"
    "2011 Dream Concert. Bersama dengan bintang-bintang super yang bersinar, panggung-panggung tahun ini akan menjadi indah, kuat dan pada waktunya, menyala dengan indah. Silahkan lihat ke depan untuk itu!^^"

    List idol-idol yang telah dikonfirmasi untuk event ini:
    • T-ara
    • TVXQ
    • Jay Park
    • Super Junior
    • SNSD
    • SHINee
    • After School
    • Secret
    • C.N. Blue
    • U-Kiss
    • 4Minute
    • Big Bang
    • 2NE1
    • Beast
    • F(x)
    • MBLAQ
    • G.NA
    • IU
    • 2AM
    Venue: Seoul World Cup Stadium
    Date: 28th of May, 2011 @ 6:30pm
    Acara besar ini diharapkan menjadi ledakan di tahun ini!


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    source: jpopasia
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Top 10 Korean Albums of the 1st Quarter of 2011

    Gaon Chart telah merilis list penjualan album-album terbaik dari awal Januari sampai akhir Maret. 

    Inilah listnya!
    1. TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down” (236,669)
    2. Big Bang – “Tonight” (139,104)
    3. TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down, Repackaged” (51,354)
    4. CNBLUE – “First Step” (44,414)
    5. Seungri – “V.V.I.P.” (41,302)
    6. Various Artists – “Park Colleen’s Selections” (35,831)
    7. Super Junior-M – “Perfection” (35,000)
    8. Various Artists – “Secret Garden OST Special” (30,278)
    9. MBLAQ – “BLAQ Style” (27,702)
    10. GD&TOP – “GD&TOP” (23,004)


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Preview of SHINee’s Japanese Version of ‘Replay’

Lee Hongki is a Fan of Park Bom?

    Vokalis utama FT Island, Lee Hongki, baru-baru ini menyatakan kalau dia itu salah satu fansnya Park Bom 2NE1.

    Tanggal 27 April kemarin, Hongki ng'tweet:

    "기분꿀꿀 박봄씨 you and i 들엇음 역시 박봄씨목소리좋음 팬임"
    "Merasa down. Sedang mendengarkan 'You and I' Park Bom. Suaranya bagus, aku seorang fansnya."

    Para netizen menghibur Hongki dengan mengomentari tweetnya dan mengirimkannya link MV Park Bom yang terbaru 'Don't Cry'.

    *aku baru tau kalo pacarku fansnya Park Bom* :P


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Super Junior Thanks ELFs For Their Supports Since Debut

    Hey para ELF! Ga kerasa yah, udah 2000 hari sejak debut pertama SUJU :D

    Super Junior ngucapin terima kasih buat semua fans'nya untuk support" para ELF kepada mereka selama ini.

    Di twitter, Leeteuk bilang , "2000 hari semenjak debut. Ada banyak hal yang ingin aku lakukan di masa depan. Untuk semua ELF yang sudah memberikan banyak cinta kepada kami, semuanya! aku benar-benar mencintai kalian dan terima kasih."
    Ada fans yang bales lewat pesan seperti "Selamat untuk 2000 hari sejak debut. Ayo menuju 10,000 hari," "Super Junior selamanya," "Kapanpun, dimanapun, aku akan menjadi ELF bersama Super Junior."


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    source: jpopasia
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Ford Car Models

Toyota Prius Toyota_Prius

Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Audi for the film heroes: Iron Man goes R8 Spyder

    Film heroes like to drive spectacular cars: whether James Bond's Aston Martin, Knight Rider KITT with the or Magnum in the Ferrari - they are all traveling in fast cars. Also Iron Man is in his second movie adventure with a spectacular car on the hunt for the bad guys - with an Audi R8 Spyder.

    R8 Spyder and many Hollywood stars
    On the world premiere of "Iron Man 2" in Los Angeles drove actor Robert Downey Jr., who represents the hero in the film strip, befitting an open front with R8. In addition to the 313 km / h fast two-seater as well as tons of other stars on the red carpet were on display. Director Jon Favreau was accompanied among others by the Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell and Samuel L. Jackson, who have also taken roles in the film.

    For the second time an R8
    Surely it is no coincidence that the film start from Iron Man 2, 6 May 2010 shortly after the market launch of the R8 open additional attention on the 525-hp mid-engine sports guides. In the first part of the comic book movie of 2008 was Tony Stark, as Iron Man is, in his "normal" life, the way in an R8 on the road, but then closed in the variant.Source URL:
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The finalists have been chosen Miss Tuning 2010 [pictures]

     Miss Tuning 2010  Miss Tuning 2010
    Bir onblur <= "(parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully () deneyin;) catch (e) ()" href = " -2010-die-Finalistinnen-f498x333-F4F4F2-C-75073579-339435.jpg ">  Miss Tuning 2010
     Miss Tuning 2010
     Miss Tuning 2010
     Miss Tuning 2010 Source URL:
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TVR V8 Corvette roadster for the future


    TVR has made its choice between Chevrolet and Ford, is a block Corvette that will host the next model of the English brand. The presentation of the roadster will be held at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

    TVR was considered a time to assemble his own block solution quickly dismissed in favor of an external choice. Rather than Ford is that Chevrolet has received favors from the small British manufacturer. The future will be cosmopolitan Roadster TVR V8 American English German production and presentation, all under the patronage of Nikolai Smolensky, a Russian owner. After the Roadster TVR will consider the production of a hybrid model.

    TVR V8 Corvette
    TVR V8 CorvetteSource URL:
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Volkswagen Beetle History : From Hitler to hippy

    The design of this car is the most recognizable and beloved by people around the world. As you may have guessed, this is the Volkswagen Beetle. And everyone at least once, sitting in this car, can confirm that the beetle has a unique aroma of automotive oil, plastic ...

    1. Meet a Beetle!

    2. Car for the people. As is known, Volkswagen translates as "the car for the people." Although initially, the car had the name "KdF-Wagen", as the prefix KdF - an abbreviation for "Kraft durch Freude", which means "The Power of Joy" - officially authorized organization for the rest of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler had ordered a Porsche car in late 1930 in order to stimulate the German economy, as well as to cause a new wave of advances in engineering, which would help the Nazis to create a war machine. Only after the Second World War, this machine has become known as the "Beetle" in the world. In the photo: Hitler admiringly looks at a new model of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Porsche and the designer shows that the car engine is behind.

    3. Laying corner stone. Hitler and the Nazi ranks higher celebrate laying the foundation of a factory near Fallersleben Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, 1938.

    4. A gift to Hitler's birthday. Ferdinand Porsche (left, in dark suit) is a new design gig VW Adolf Hitler to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the birth of Hitler, Berlin, Germany, 1939.

    5. Postwar Beetle. New Volkswagen drives past the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

    6. Body for the "Beetle". Production of "Zhukov", 1960.

    7. "Bugs" out of production. VWs go out clearly a high-tech assembly line.

    8. Ideal forms. "Beetles" ready for export at a factory in Wolfsburg.

    9. Familiar spaces. Cab "Beetle" with its clean and elegant metallic touches, large and small wheel, as well as the emblem of elegance to lock in Wolfsburg, are hallmarks for the millions of owners of Volkswagen.

    10. Convertible. Elegance throughout, with the same inherent "Zhuk" charm.

    11. Works of art.

    12. Favorite car of hippies. By the end of the 1960 Beetle (as well as from the Volkswagen minivan) became the choice of number 1 among the subcultures. In the photo: "Beetle" is sent to the festival at Woodstock, 1969.

    13. Picnic near the "Beetle". Friends sat near the "Beetle" on the road to Woodstock.

    14. Participants of the festival at Woodstock rest on his car.

    15. Forged "Beetle". Beetle looks great next to the house in Daytona Beach, Florida.

    16. Beetle wins Nepal. The owner of "Beetle" from Nepal Satendra Siddhi Barayasha poses for a photo with their favorite car in Kathmandu. Barayasha, a wholesale grocer, first fell in love with the classic design of this car when I saw a tourist traveling on an unusual car in 1970. Nepal is a destination for thousands of travelers and hippies who came to Kathmandu from Istanbul through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many of them came specifically to "beetles." Upon their arrival, most selling their vehicles wealthy residents to fund further travels, purchase of drugs, the acquisition of antiquities, or the trip home.

    17. "Beetles" in Bangladesh. Family shows the victory sign before the start of the Volkswagen Rally in the capital Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    18. Brazilian Beetle. Beetle, painted in national colors of Brazil, riding along the beach of Copacabana, after Brazil won the World Cup in 2002.

    19. Chair for the people. The model shows a chair made from the hood "Beetle".

    20. Hungry Herbie. Herbie, the Volkswagen humanoid, the protagonist of several Disney movies, scary young woman at an auto show in Berlin.

    21. Beetle hatred. Beetle with a scratch on him racist slogans during a march for Civil Rights in Alabama, shows that not all owners of "Zhukov" were peace-loving people in the 1960's.

    22. The leader of the strikes. Members of the union held a strike Belgium in Brussels, protesting against unemployment, led by "Zhuk", on the roof of which was a speaker.

    23. Wet Beetle. Beetle moves a mountain stream on the way from Cusco to Ayacucho in Peru.

    24. National Beetle Brazil. Beetle down the hill along the building of the National Congress of Brazil (the architect Oscar Niemeyer, 1961), Brazil.

    25. Virtual tour of Queen Beatrix on the "Beetle". Queen Beatrix of Holland during the virtual trip to Mexico in the "Beetle" in the Dutch Architecture Institute in Rotterdam.

    26. Adios! Auf Wiedersehen! Musicians accompany the very last Beetle after he stepped off the production line at the VW factory in Puebla, July 30, 2003. Volkswagen ceased production of "Zhukov" after selling more than 21 million of these cars since their launch into production in 1938.Source URL:
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