Monday, January 31, 2011

Citroen C3 launches Sonora

    In an attempt to boost sales of the C3 hatchback, the French Citroen has launched a special version of the model. This is the C3 Sonora, special series result of a partnership between the manufacturer and online retailer of music on the Internet Sonora.

    The special model comes equipped with a Pioneer sound, auxiliary input, USB, Bluetooth and MP3 connection. In addition, the driver has the ability to download 250 songs a month on the site at no cost Sonora. Citroën has not disclosed the price for the special issue.Source URL:
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To drive his motorcycle by his daughter 4 years indian girl

    The immediate reaction to video of a young Indian girl riding a motorcycle without a helmet shock and horror when it can not be denied is the four-year-old with sunglasses looks cool. The father is bad, but the daughter's bad.

    Source:jalopnikSource URL:
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What does your Zodiac sign say about your drive report? With Table

    A new sign was recently added and changed the universe as we knew it. This led the U.S. insurance company Allstate, compare claims against the revised data zodiac calendar.

    Scorpions were only involved in 1.5 percent of all accidents in 2010. If that's your character, congratulations, you're the best driver on the road!

    The new sign, Ophiuchus dressed, even in the study as the second safest drivers. But that does not necessarily mean they are experienced riders. Most astrologers seem to individuals born under this sign, a hint a bit more luck than the others.

    At the other end of the spectrum were young women, almost 700 percent more likely to be involved in a car accident as the determined and conscious Scorpios. It seems that between 16 September and 30 October are born shy and tend to look behind the wheel.

    Here is a list of star sign is the best and worst car drivers involved in the street on the number of drivers in accidents in 2010 based on:Source URL:
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Halle Berry was spotted parking her Lexus hybrid on the streets of Hollywood

F1: GP Lotus Renault announces two new 'third driver' for 2011

    Romain Grosjean, Bruno Senna have been designated 'third driver' for the 2011 season despite the recent signing of Fauzy, protected Proton, as reserve driver.

    The Franco-Swiss 24-year-old made his F1 debut in summer 2009 after the ouster of Nelson Piquet Jr, but was not selected in the following year when Renault reshuffle. It will also return full time in GP2 this season.

    Romain Grosjean ad: "2011 marks my return with a third place at Lotus Renault driver (in F1) and a full season in GP2 Asia and GP2 with DAMS team."

    Young added on television channel TF1: "Being a third driver allows me to gain great experience, being in the garage to see the world, and understand what I missed during my first run in F1. Now the idea is to be a race driver in 2012.Source URL:
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Spy Shots: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Facelift

    The Hyundai Genesis is a great car. This I know anyone who might have to grab your steering wheel or read the evidence which has been subjected by the press, but as this is true, so is that "enjoys" a little impersonal body. It is dull, dull, unfit even for a company that never stops trying new things with cars like the Sonata, the ix35 or Veloster. So welcome with open arms the latest images of restyling, surprised and without camouflage.viaSource URL:
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Volkswagen introduced the R-Line package for the Touareg 2012

    Virtually all models of the Volkswagen are among its many options a sport package that enhances the appearance with a strong dynamic touch. Dubbed R-Line, is now also available in the second generation Touareg.

    Among the items included in the R-Line package may include:

    * specific alloy wheels 20 inch
    * exclusive bumpers
    * New rear diffuser
    * Check exhaust renewed
    * Sport Suspension
    * Side Skirts
    * Rear Spoiler
    * R-Line logo

    Inside are aluminum pedals and inserts, sport seats, special leather wrapped steering wheel and optional two-tone leather upholstery. Recommended prices in Germany are between 1,840 and € 8,330 depending on the engine and whether the R-Line is easy, or R-Line Plus (with two-tone leather, power seats, etc).Source URL:
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Michael Schumacher presented the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK video

    The special event celebrating the 125th anniversary of the first car in the world, Mercedes-Benz presented the new SLK. The model was unveiled by Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg alongside the designers who created it. The elements of this model include special design inspired by SLS AMG hard-top roof panel and interior glazed electromagnetic SLS also inspired by AMG. The German model is offered in the company of three gasoline engines and drive bi-turbo diesel of 2.1 liters and 205 horsepower.

    In the future, Mercedes-Benz will offer a version of SLK's AMG, which will be equipped with a 428 horsepower V8 engine. Until then, it will be a range vâful direct-injection V6 that will deliver 305 hp. Together with a seven-speed automatic transmission model accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. Entry-level version is equipped with a 1.8 liter gasoline engine that provides 185 hp. Mid-range petrol model offers 205 horsepower and uses the same 1.8-liter engine. If 185 hp version equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in 7 seconds.

    Source URL:
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Team Lotus unveiled the new car F1 T128 2011 pictures

    Formula 1 Team Lotus Renault has published pictures of her new car. T128 car was presented on Monday, January 31, a free online journal team at the official site of Team Lotus.

    The new car has kept the continuity of the team names Lotus: instead of the previously planned index TL11 car got the number T128 - last year's model was called the T127. The car is still painted in the traditional green and yellow racing colors of Team Lotus.Source URL:
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The Ferrari 599 GTO by Chris Evans (slightly) damaged by a Mini

    The site specialist sports car accident Wrecked Exotics feasted recently damaged copies of Italia Ferrari 458, but has so far no cases of accidents involving the most powerful cars of the Prancing Horse range, the 599 GTO. A copy of the great Italian GT is unfortunately of experiencing a little tricky in the United Kingdom.

    Chris Evans is a DJ and radio presenter famous in England and is also a rich automobile enthusiast, he who has among others a real Ferrari 250 GTO. The man had recently purchased a 599 GTO to complete the circle, in a gorgeous gray livery with yellow band (matching the brake calipers).
    Vanessa Feltz is a co-worker Chris on Radio 2. Leaving work one evening, she started her Mini and accidentally struck the front bumper of the 599 GTO by Chris reversing. The most surprising is that she acted as if nothing had happened and would quietly went home. Fortunately, the damage seems very light.Source URL:
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F1 - presents 2011 Sauber C30

    Exit thus the name Sauber-BMW team dear to Peter Sauber, who today unveils a car to decorate significantly advanced compared to last year. Note that the new C30 will have a KERS system developed by Ferrari engine which is its partner and that the equipment will be operational from the beginning of the season in Bahrain.

    The Sauber C30 will perform some demonstration laps on the track today in Valencia, then the real testing will begin tomorrow. Hopefully the car is more reliable than the C29, the victim of numerous mechanical problems in 2010.Source URL:
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Ford takes revenge: F-150 parked in Ferrari 458 crash video

    Accident in the United States, Ford F150 pickup truck up the hood of the Italian sports

    Not all days are perfect, even for those who own financial situation is good enough to keep a Ferrari 458 Italy in his garage. This is shown by a video posted on YouTube on Saturday (29), in which a Ford F-150 literally climbed on the hood of a unit of Italian sports in Brandon, Florida (USA).

    According to information, the accident is being investigated to determine the blame for the collision. According to some speculation, Italia 458 involved in the accident has around 800 km on the odometer registered. According to the model owner himself, who gives an interview during the filming amateur, the unit is "young, has two weeks. " Check out the video of the result after the accident below.

    Source URL:
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Smart fortwo chocolate version - Special Gift for Valentine's Day

    Questions on the purchase this Valentine's Day are usually frequent. Staying among flowers, jewelry, clothing and other products that leave the most special day is nothing new. But the surprise is paramount in these hours. Thinking about it, Q-Pot, a Japanese company specializing in chocolates in the shape of jewels, has developed a Smart fortwo made of candy.

    To the dissatisfaction of chocoholics, the car is obviously not literally chocolate. The painting of the doors mimics a candy bar, besides being brown whole, including the wheels that are the same color. Inside, the panel that mimics a melted chocolate, increases the similarity with the product. The model was designed by Tadaaki Wakamutsu especially for Valentine's day in Japan

    Source URL:
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newcars -carwallpapers

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dodge Ram announced a plug-in hybrid version of the 1500

    Chrysler Group has presented Washington with a plug-in hybrid version (plug chargeable) of its Ram 1500, this time with a firmer purpose prototypes that preceded it. Do not go on sale, but the 140 units will be built, will serve to develop the hybrid system in Chrysler.

    These pickups were developed with a loan of $ 48 million provided by the U.S. authorities, combining a 5.7 V8 HEMI engine of 390 horses with a dual-mode transmission and a rechargeable lithium ion 12 kWh produced by the Canadian Electrovaya. Not much technical information about it (in fact, there is not photos), but we know that despite its huge size can travel 32 km in pure electric mode, and offer fuel economy in combined cycle "of more than 65%" , that no concrete figures is nothing, but it certainly will be felt at the end of the month.Source URL:
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Rolex 24 at Daytona 2011 : The champions Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas won the race

    Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas became the most decorated pilots of 24 hours of Daytona on Sunday at Daytona International Speedway. Ironically, they managed the feat by having the best on the latest drivers alongside whom they have won in 2008!

    The defending champions have indeed defeated Juan Pablo Montoya and Dario Franchitti on board the No. 01 Ganassi car. Is a particularly great for Ganassi, which won the top-2 race.

    The No. 02 car, also copilotée Jamie McMurray and Scott Dixon led the race for the 23rd time, they did have to concede the victory, despite a revival of an exciting tour at the end of the event.

    As champions, they shared the wheel of the No. 01 with Joey Hand and Graham Rahal, son of Bobby Rahal, winner of the event in 1981 along with Brian Redman and Bob Garretson.

    This was the tightest results of the event for over 40 years, beating Dixon by just Pruett 2426 seconds at the finish.

    In GT division, Andy Lally, Spencey Pumpelly, Wolf Henzler, Brendan Gaughan and Steven Bertheau won the victory. Bryce Miller, Tim Sugden, Bryan Sellers and Rob Bell finished second.

    The Hollywood actor Patrick Dempsey was also particularly emotional when his team (Joe Foster, Charles Espenlaub, Tom Long and himself) finished third in the class. He came close to victory as a driver and as a team owner.

    The Canadian Jean-Francois Dumoulin has not been as successful as hoped this year. Ferrari rallied damaged wells in mid-race, his team working hard to repair the transmission, without much success. He finished far behind.Source URL:
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24 Hours of Daytona - BMW Double Ganassi and Riley

    The 24 Hours of Daytona 2011, opening round of the Grand Am championship, have delivered their verdict.
    This is the Chip Ganassi Racing after a final worthy of the American races, which made a perfect copy by completing the double with both Riley BMW engine. This is the crew of Scott Pruett, Memo Rojas, Joey Hand and Graham Rahal, the No. 1, who crossed the finish line first with just two seconds ahead of the sister car of Scott Dixon Juan Pablo, Dario Franchitti and Jamie McMurray. So much for the DP class. As for French drivers, Nicolas Minassian finished in sixth place and Christophe Bouchut in the eighth.

    In GT, Porsche makes a Mazda doubled thanks to the stable TRG, the victory back to the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup by Andy Lally, Wolf Henzler, Spencer Pumpelly, Brendan Gaughan and Steven Bertheau.

    Top 10:

    1. Hand / Pruett / Rahal / Rojas, Ganassi, R / B, 720 laps
    2. Dixon / Franchitti / McMurray / Montoya, Ganassi, R / B + 2.070
    3. Barbosa / Borcheller / F 'Paldi / France / Papis, Action Exp. R / P + 2.326
    4. Blundell / Brown / Brundle / Patterson, United, R / F, + 3.135
    5. Angelelli / Briscoe / Taylor / Taylor, SunTrust, D / C + 1 lap
    6. Jonsson / Krohn / Minassian / Zonta Krohn, L / F + 1 lap
    7. Allmendinger / McDowell / Wilson, MSR, D / F, + 2 laps
    8. Bouchut / Diaz / Tucker / Wilkins, Level 5, R / B + 3 laps
    9. Donohue / Frisselle / Law / Rice Action Exp. R / P + 4 laps
    10. Goossens / Negri / Pew / Valiante, MSR, R / F + 15 lapsSource URL:
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NASCAR: The Legend Travis Pastrana finished 6th in his debut

    Travis Pastrana did not need to rush over 14 cars to finish sixth in his debut in NASCAR, but he probably felt the same degree of excitement.

    Pastrana, who leads the team Pastrana-Waltrip Racing Series K & N Western, took 20th place start. He subsequently managed to avoid several incidents to finish his first race in sixth position.

    "It was just fantastic," said Pastrana, multiple gold medalist of the famous X-Games. "I had so much fun. I feel like I won! "

    "Honestly, I was just happy not to be a burden. I learned a lot. The last green, for example, was chaotic with four drivers and three wide. I must thank Matt Crafton (his scout) who helped me out of trouble. "

    Eleven neutralization slowed the peloton during the race demo All-Star NASCAR Toyota Cup in three phases each of 100 laps.

    Pastrana has lost several seats in the first segment. "It's not easy. I drove the car like a rally car or a bike by braking much more than necessary, "he said.

    Fortunately, the second segment has a much better place and the pilot managed to place in the top-10.

    Then, after a final three red flags, Pastrana was able to make the teeth against the holder of the pole position as he battled for sixth place, three wide, with only 11 laps to go.

    "With any luck, this will be the beginning of a great adventure," he said.

    Jason Bowles won the event in a Toyota before the 2010 champion of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series DJ Kennington, Chevrolet and driver Jonathan Gomez. Quebecer Andrew Ranger finished 22nd.Source URL:
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F1: Bernie Ecclestone would like to have Sebastian Vettel in his family

    Bernie Ecclestone has said he loves so much the new world champion would love to have him in his family.

    The businessman of 80 years with two daughters, Petra, aged 22, and Tamara, aged 26, who would both be a couple.

    Vettel for his part in a couple too, with his girlfriend the last few years, Hannah Prater, whom he met at school in Heppenheim.

    Nevertheless, Ecclestone does not seem to Vettel if he longed to join the family.

    "It would be an excellent step-son! It's funny, normal, its objectives and has worked hard to achieve. I really appreciate it very much.

    "Same as it does not bother me at all . He should ask me, "laughed the boss of F1.

    Moreover, Vettel said Sunday during a promotional event in Austria, he was very comfortable with Red Bull and had no intention of leaving the boat in the near future.

    "I'm young and everything can change very quickly, but for now, there is not much to say about my future.

    "I am contractually and personally happy and I am delighted that this will continue over the coming years," said the young champion.Source URL:
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BYD and Daimler together on an electric car

    BYD and Daimler have combined last year to create a joint venture Daimler-Shenzhen BYD Co. New Technology First implementation of the joint venture, the manufacture of an electric car, scheduled for 2013 according to the Wall Street Journal.

    The design of this new electric car BYD-Daimler was frozen last December but the photo above shows "a car that was a few steps before determining the final design, " said an inside source. So a demo.

    It will be sold under a new brand, which makes you share Autosblog logo preview, to see more.Source URL:
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Rolex 24 at Daytona Live : Juan Pablo Montoya and team lead after 17 hours

    The former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya and his team of celebrities made by Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti and his rival NASCAR Jamie McMurray led the prestigious 24 hours of Daytona International Speedway at the famous 17 hours after the race.

    The BMW Riley No. 02 Chip Ganassi's team was ahead of his nearest rivals by 2647. The irony was that those rivals are also a team of former Formula 1 drivers / NASCAR drivers in the person of AJ Allmendinger, Justin Wilson and Michael McDowell.

    Ford Dallara No. 6 was itself a few seconds before the third overall. The defending champions of the series, Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas, were in effect in 4128 leaders at the 17th hour of the race. They share the driving with Graham Rahal and Joey Hand this weekend.

    The Hollywood actor Patrick Dempsey and his teammates held their hand the head of the division standings GT (14th overall) as the race neared its final hours. Dempsey shares the Mazda RX-8 of his team, Racing Dempsey, Joe Foster, Charles Espenlaub and Tom Long.

    Second in GT class, Steven Bertheau, Brendan Gaughan, Wolf Henzler, Andy Lally and Spencer Pumpelly were a full lap behind the leaders in the class aboard their No. 67 Porsche GT3 Cup.

    As for the Canadian Jean-Francois Dumoulin, Ferrari has never really recovered from the disappointment of Friday night when one of his young inexperienced teammates was severely damaged in testing.

    After several short visits to the pits, the team had to undertake more intensive work in mid-race. The car was still in the garages with the latest news.

    The team also appeared in 43rd place overall, 228 laps behind the leaders of the race after this 17th hour of trial.

    Note also that the yellow flag that lasted over 30 minutes this morning, between 5:30 am (14th time) and the 15th hour of the race, was 16th in the race so far.Source URL:
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newcars -carwallpapers

Prime spot for the Peugeot 508 SW

    Peugeot unveils its first spot for the new 508 wagon, 'Quality Time' (click here for video). Same recipe as for the pub in the sedan: the 508 SW looks like a haven of peace in a life as stressful. Enough to put an image and luxury of this model who dreams of competing with the German sedans.

    The wagon is available in dealerships from 23,950 euros, with the engine of 120bhp 1.6 VTi on the finish entry level Access. It offers equipment side front airbags, side and curtain at the front, the manual air conditioning, radio CD MP3 audio system and cruise control / speed limiter.

    Source URL:
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NASCAR changed the start time of races

    NASCAR has decided to change the starting times of his races on Sunday night during the Sprint Cup Chase for the return to avoid competing with the NFL games, a veritable institution in the United States.

    The official series in agreement with the International Speedway Corp.. revealed this information during discussions with financial analysts explaining that the goal is to generate more audience on this period and therefore potentially more revenue.

    Thus, the Chicagoland race, New Hampshire, Dover, Kansas, Talladega and Martinsville will begin at 2:00 p.m. ET is 20.00 in France instead from 13:00 (19:00 in France) this year. Tests Texas, Phoenix and Homestead-Miami them at 15:00 AND either 21:00 on France. For the other races of the playoffs in Charlotte, the question does not arise since it takes place on Saturday evening.Source URL:
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F1 - Video: Felipe Massa Ferrari F150 Test

    Felipe Massa drove in the Ferrari F150 for the first time Saturday at the Fiorano circuit. Check out this video rolling.

    After Fernando Alonso on Friday, Felipe Massa was able to do some laps in the Ferrari F150 on Saturday on the Fiorano circuit. Explore this test.

    It was dedicated to running a shooting advertising, which is authorized by the regulations. Sauber take the opportunity to test its C30 in Valencia on Monday before the testing began. Team Lotus will do the same thing Friday after the tests.Source URL:
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Super Bowl 2011 Ad Commercial Bridgestone Carma video

Chain link extreme 4x4 Off-Road Vehicle - video

    Cams hydraulic chain drive, 4x4, of about 7 meters up or down movement of each tire: Product information, engine is a fuel injected Ford 5.0 V8 from a '93 Mustang Cobra, C4 transmission from an early Bronco. 9 "w / 5.38 gears and ARB Air Locker installed in the middle (lower driver) sprocket is at the ends, where to swing the swing. Booms are hydraulically individually or together, controlled, and there are coil spring and shock suspension, too. Great chains run in the pivot arms in turn lobster gear ratio (2:1) hubs on each wheel tires are 39.5 ". The steering is so good and the wings are the steering gear is mounted just below the driver infront of the axle. Body is steel pipe (usually DOM) and the total weight is 5900 LBSource URL:
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Jatech , Disappearing Car Door video

    The access device to the car remains unchanged from its appearance. The same kind of doors are used, since Benz coupe 1987, which appears in the video for "You Tube". Moreover, these gates share their mechanisms and traditional elements with the doors of our homes. All have hinges, knobs, handles, locks and usually a frame to hold the glass.

    Many designers have proposed variants, but not a radical change. Remember the legendary Doors Gullwing "Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupe 1954 (De Lorean DMC-12, the Volvo YCC, etc..), Its variant, the" butterfly doors "of the McLaren F1 (Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Saleen S7 Ferrari Enzo, etc.), the "dihedral synchro-helix" of the Koenigsegg or the most famous "scissor doors" that imposed by Lamborghini now see in many cars tunning. A comprehensive proposal for the opening where the doors open with the roof of the module Pinifarina 1970 (Saab Aero X, the Maserati Birdcage and Giugiaro Quaranta, etc.) And also practice "sliding door", the Peugeot 1007 , widely used as a back door of many vans. But the proposal is different from all Jatech.Source URL:
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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Friday, January 28, 2011

Lost Lamborghini Miura Le Mans found

Mercedes-Benz showed the restyled C-Class - C63 AMG

    Mercedes-Benz has extended the official photos and detailed information about the "charged" modification restyling sedan Mercedes-Benz C-Class - C63 AMG.

    Compared to its predecessor, the car got new headlights, larger grille
    radiator and front bumper completely different expressive forms with a large central
    air intakes and LED lights daylight. In addition, the "charged" sedan
    appeared aluminum hood, new rear bumper, carbon fiber rear spoiler and 18-inch wheel
    drives another design.

    Novelty continue to be equipped with weather-eight engine of 6.2 liters and
    power of 457 horsepower, working together with a seven-speed automatic transmission. In Mercedes also claims that, despite the former returns the motor, its fuel economy
    improved by 10 percent. This indicator has been achieved through the use of another pump power steering, and adding a special regime "Controlled Efficiency" in the PPC.Source URL:
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An American journalist crashing a Bentley Continental GT Speed $ 250 000 during a test

    An automotive journalist often has to try and expensive sports cars and in very rare cases, things can end badly. After the Porsche 911 Turbo crashed by the son of an American journalist, is now a contributor to American finance magazine has just experienced a small problem with a Bentley.

    Kate Winick is a (pretty) Worth magazine journalist who recently tried very swift Bentley Continental GT Speed in the region of Connecticut, USA. While driving, she crashed her great British GT trying to avoid a truck and UPS Bentley was damaged at the front. No worries for Kate who declared that "the folks at Bentley were very nice and that kind of thing happens very often. "

    For the record, his magazine, "Worth" is a financial publication that declares to "Inform senior managers to better manage their financial capital. "Source URL:
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Citroen DS4 voted "Most Beautiful Car of the Year"

New Mach7 Falcon Motorsports, red skin - with interior

    Sometimes born without a car as we were warned about the pregnancy. Generally, the opposite is happening and see the car before final pile of promises. Here, the Falcon Motorsports Mach7 was presented in Detroit is a supercar, it is new and is already successful.Source URL:
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The Lamborghini Aventador among the olive trees

    The Lamborghini Aventador went skinning a prototype Mini to carve out its new shell protective anti-paparazzi '. Banded with psychedelic patterns and test the middle of olive groves, it offers us its final shape of big baby to teeth sharp and pointed butt that "insiders" are recognized in the image given recently.Source URL:
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BMW armored combat training on a former Soviet base video

    In some circumstances, it takes more than a limousine with tinted windows to get rid of a dangerous situation. To overcome these special conditions, BMW offers a full line of armored vehicles designed to withstand the impact of bullets and other explosive charges. A little lesson on video.

    Source URL:
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Retromobile 2011: Nissan Z will be there with her

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport shines in Qatar

Volkswagen commercials at Super Bowl

    Wolfsburg group show two new commercials in the U.S. during the Super Bowl.

    This is not one but two commercials that Volkswagen will present on February 6 when the inevitable next Super Bowl, one dedicated to its new Passat sedan, read our news: Volkswagen Passat-American version, the second devoted to his future Beetle.

    The video of the Passat, the theme of the movie "Star Wars", was produced with the help of Lucasfilm Ltd., the production company of George Lucas. On the famous music of the "Imperial March", a young Darth Vader calls "the Force " to the German sedaSource URL:
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Official : 2012 Noble M600 Officially presented the new British supercar - photos with interior

    British car company Noble Automotive released the first official images and information about its new supercar - M600.

    Noble M600 is powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine from a Japanese company Yamaha, delivering 650 hp and 815 Nm. It ensures acceleration from standstill to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds and maximum speed 360 km / h.Source URL:
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